Anonymous sent: Is this thing still alive? Hellooo? *pokes glass of the fourth wall*

hey hey hey now! the fish dont like to be spooked~

on another note, im terribly sorry this blog is so slow updating and whatever. Having only one mod with a life and a busy schedule kind of puts a damper on the blog. feel free to make submissions guys! I’d appreciate some help!

Anonymous sent: Germany starts playing sburbs - turntechDoitsuhead (taken from Doitsuism and I pissed at myself last night)


Anonymous sent: Hey are there more of those psots with the troll as countries like "Solluxandria" and can you tell me where you found it?

Unfortunately no. That’s the only one I’ve seen with that, and I simply found it in the tag. There are no reposts on this blog so the source should still be there!